TRAIN HARD, TRAIN SMARTprogramming is not only the basis of our performance training but it's also the fundamental concept behind our general fitness workouts as well. Everyone has different fitness goals and different abilities they can use to reach those goals. Using the same training techniques that your friend uses or that you found during a web search will not work as well for you as they might for the person you are copying the exercises from.   

A gym session consisting of three arm exercises and 20 minutes of cardio on an elipticall machine is not the routine that will help you reach your goal.

The same routines, on the same day, with the same weight does not get you to the body you desire. 

TRAIN HARD, TRAIN SMART is the road map to your fitness goals. Whether you want a physique like a word class body builder or to lower your blood pressure and get healthy everyone needs an individualized plan to reach their goals. There is not such thing as an average person so we focus on your individual need,and abilities to create the optimal programming for you. With constant variation and proper technique TRAIN HARD, TRAIN SMART is your guide to fitness.